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We kindly inform our users that, at this time, we do not provide a refund option.
Please be advised that we do not provide the option to downgrade from the Premium to the Basic plan at any point.

Frequently asked Questions for Plans

1.What are the different plan types available in Quantman?
In Quantman, we have two different plans based on user portfolio.

1. Basic Plan
2. Premium plan

Quantman offers plans for different periods as well based on their preference.

1. Billed Monthly
2. Billed Quarterly
3. Billed Annually

User can select plans as per their trading setup and duration.

About Quantman Basic plan:

Basic plan designed for minimum capital traders where Quantman offers 4 Live deployment credits for Basic plan users. users can automate 4 different strategies in their broker portal through Quantman and user can back test their strategies for past 250 years by using 250 Back test Credits. (1 Back test Credit = 1 past financial year back test)

Basic plan Monthly subscription fee: Rs.1300 + GST
Basic plan Quarterly subscription fee: Rs.3700 + GST
Basic plan Annually subscription fee: Rs.13000 + GST

About Quantman Premium access:

Premium plan users can avail extra features than basic plan such as Manual Adjustment features.

Premium plan Monthly subscription fee: Rs.3300 + GST
Premium plan Quarterly subscription fee: Rs.9000 + GST
Premium plan Annually subscription fee: Rs.29000 + GST

10 Lives:

In Quantman premium access, we are providing 10 lives for the users where we are only providing 4 lives in basic plan. so, customer have opportunity to deploy more live strategies. If the user wants to check the performance of their strategies before deploy in to Live environment, client can do Paper trade with Live environment with more lives in Premium access.

Manual Adjustment features:

Quantman providing Manual adjustment feature to Premium users only. Manual adjustment will help user to create much complex conditions in their strategy.

Certified Mentorship program:

Quantman conducting Certified Mentorship program exclusively for premium members. Regular webinars will be conducted to the user and Q&A sessions will be arranged separately for premium users till they become pro-option traders. We have experienced option trades who have experience more than 20 years to guide you without any fee for mentorship.

Monthly plan
Quarterly plan
Annual plan
2. I tried buying Premium/Basic plan in Quantman and money debited from my bank but plan not added in my account. What should I do?
If payment is credited in Quantman Razorpay, plan will be added in user account immediately. user can refresh and check the details.

If payment is not credited in Quantman Razorpay and amount is debited from your bank, plan will not be added in user account. In such scenarios, we request user not to panic about the amount debited from your bank. Amount will be credited back automatically to your bank account within 7 days.

If amount is not credited even after 7 days, pleas contact support team for further clarification.
3. How can I upgrade my basic plan into Premium in Quantman?
In Quantman, User can upgrade their plan in simple steps.

After user selected the plan for upgrade, Quantman will calculate Upgraded plan and request your to do payment. New plan will be added from the day you upgraded the plan.

For example, if user have Basic Monthly plan worth of Rs.1300 and already used 15 days, Rs.650 already utilised by user and remaining Rs.650 will be balance for the basic monthly plan. When user upgraded into Premium Monthly plan worth of Rs.3300, the plan amount will be adjusted as Rs.2650 (Rs.3300 – Rs.650) and the plan will get started from the day user upgraded the plan.

Steps to Upgrade plans:

After logged in to Quantman, User can click “Upgrade plan” button on the menu bar.

Upgrade page will be displayed. Available Upgrade options will be displayed to the user.

User can select based on his preferences.

Billed Monthly

Billed Quarterly

Billed Annually

Select desirable plan and Click Upgrade

Enter Phone number

Click Pay Now button and complete Payment