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You need to login into QuantMan daily before market starts for the Automatic order to be successfully placed with your broker.

Frequently asked Questions and Answers

1.How Quantman is different from other algo platforms?
When we take a survey on the algo platform providers in India, we clearly understand that it is difficult for the retail trader to create strategies on their own since the platforms are not that user friendly and intended to experienced traders.66

Quantman algo platform developed in the vision of making each and every retail trader to be profitable in the volatile market. Even a beginner should be able to understand the option trading techniques and create strategies on his own.

Quantman conducting free weekly webinars for their users regularly to educate about Option trading techniques. Quantman have dedicated mentor to make sure all our Quantman users are well educated and have a capability to create their trading setup on their own.

Quantman also understand that the user may need to clarify many queries regarding their deployed LIVE strategies and many algo providers are not addressing this issue. Quantman understand the importance of that and provides dedicated Support line for users to address their issues. Users can call/WhatsApp/Mail to support team to clarify their queries. Our support team waiting to clarify all your queries.

One of the important features that Quantman offers to their users is “Option Buying strategy”. Quantman have more than 80+ indicator integrated where users can change indicator parameters as per their trade setup and deploy Option Buying strategies.

Apart from all mentioned support factors as above, what is important to option trader is Execution Speed that is where the efficient of algo can be estimated. Quantman ensure that user strategy orders will be placed as soon as the strategy condition matched without a delay which majorly helps to avoid slippage on their orders in broker portal.

What we discussed till now are the highlights of Quantman features. We still have many exciting features that extremely support option traders to be profitable in this volatile market.

2.What is live credit in Quantman?
In Quantman, Live Credit means Live strategy. You can deploy LIVE strategies based on your plan in Quantman.

In Quantman, we have two different plans for users based on their preference.

- Basic Plan
- Premium plan

Basic plan offers user 4 LIVE Credits and Premium plan offers 10 LIVE Credits. In Basic plan, user can deploy 4 LIVE strategies in Quantman. In premium plan, user can deploy 10 LIVE strategies in Quantman.

3.What are the different plan types available in Quantman?
In Quantman, we have two different plans based on user portfolio.

1. Basic Plan
2. Premium plan

Quantman offers plans for different periods as well based on their preference.

1. Billed Monthly
2. Billed Quarterly
3. Billed Annually

User can select plans as per their trading setup and duration.

About Quantman Basic plan:

Basic plan designed for minimum capital traders where Quantman offers 4 Live deployment credits for Basic plan users. users can automate 4 different strategies in their broker portal through Quantman and user can back test their strategies for past 250 years by using 250 Back test Credits. (1 Back test Credit = 1 past financial year back test)

Basic plan Monthly subscription fee: Rs.1300 + GST Basic plan Quarterly subscription fee: Rs.3700 + GST Basic plan Annually subscription fee: Rs.13000 + GST

About Quantman Premium access:

Premium plan users can avail extra features than basic plan such as Manual Adjustment features.

Premium plan Monthly subscription fee: Rs.3300 + GST Premium plan Quarterly subscription fee: Rs.9000 + GST Premium plan Annually subscription fee: Rs.29000 + GST

10 Lives:

In Quantman premium access, we are providing 10 lives for the users where we are only providing 4 lives in basic plan. so, customer have opportunity to deploy more live strategies. If the user wants to check the performance of their strategies before deploy in to Live environment, client can do Paper trade with Live environment with more lives in Premium access.

Manual Adjustment features:

Quantman providing Manual adjustment feature to Premium users only. Manual adjustment will help user to create much complex conditions in their strategy.

Certified Mentorship program:

Quantman conducting Certified Mentorship program exclusively for premium members. Regular webinars will be conducted to the user and Q&A sessions will be arranged separately for premium users till they become pro-option traders. We have experienced option trades who have experience more than 20 years to guide you without any fee for mentorship.

Monthly plan

Quarterly plan

Annual plan

4.How to create a strategy in Quantman?
In Quantman, user can create strategies without much effort since the application is ultra-user-friendly nature.

Find below the steps to create simple strategy in Quantman

- Launch official website
- Login with integrated broker through Quantman.
- Select Create Strategy tab after Quantman login.
- Select the time period you want to back test your strategy.
- Choose the instruments as your wish for trading such as Nifty, Bank Nifty, ICICI etc.
- Define your Entry/Exit conditions by using Quantman built in indicators and custom signals.
- Choose your transactions based on your trading condition such as Straddle, Strangle etc.
- Run Back test to check how it performed in previous year market conditions.
- Modify your strategy till it produces desired results as you wish.
- Once you are happy with back test results, simply select “Deploy Strategy in Live Market” from Quantman Dashboard, and the strategy will be deployed automatically.

Add Indicator

Add Entry Condition

Add Exit Condition

Back test results

Deploy strategy in Live

5. how to deploy a strategy in live market with Quantman?
After user back test the strategy, please click “Deploy strategy in Live” button on result page.

After click “Deploy strategy in Live” button, user will get below pop up

Select Auto Trading button, user will get below pop up. Please setup your trading flow in this pop up by updating below details. All details pre-filled with common setup. User can change it specifically based on their own trade setup

- Entry Order Type
- Exit Order Type
- Product Type
- Stop Limit Price Difference
- Limit Order Buffer Percentage
- Margin Benefit
- Stop Loss Order place based on entry
- Square off transaction if any entry failed

After user click “Deploy Strategy in Live”, the strategy will be ready to place orders in broker portal when strategy condition satisfied.

If User want to stop LIVE strategy, click “Stop Run” button. User want to deploy strategy in to LIVE again, click “Restart” button.

6. How to change lot size in your own Quantman LIVE strategy?
Let’s say, If User already deployed one LIVE strategy in Quantman with X lots and want to change Lot size in to Y, then follow below steps

Login Quantman and select “Deployed Strategies” tab in Dashboard page.

Select the strategy you want to change the Lot size.

Click “Stop Run” button

Click “Copy and Edit” button and it will be redirecting you to Create strategy page. Please change Lot size as you wish.

Click “Create live run”

Now same strategy will place orders on broker portal based on new lot size.
7. How many indicators are available in Quantman? More than 80 indicators added in Quantman for trader convenient so that all trading setup can be done while creating strategy.

Users need to open Create Strategy page and then click “Add Indicator” to check available indicators in Quantman

User can search indicators in dropdown list

8.Is Multi-broker login supported in Quantman?
Quantman not currently support multi-broker login. Instead, our support team will swap your Quantman plan from one broker account to another account based on user request.

Request can be done through WhatsApp chat as well.
9. How to swap Quantman plan from one broker to another broker?
If user have Quantman plan with XXX broker and want to switch Quantman plan from XXX broker to YYY broker, please follow below steps

- Login with YYY broker through Quantman (Mandatory)
- Share Client ID’s to Quantman WhatsApp support number (9043044901) in below format
Swap request:

Swap from: XXX broker client ID
Swap to: YYY broker client ID
Quantman support team will swap Quantman plan to YYY broker after 3:30 PM market hours and confirm you in WhatsApp
10. Is MCX supported in Quantman algo platform?
NO. MCX not supported in Quantman. However, we are planning to add MCX in nearby feature.
11. How many brokers are integrated in Quantman?
Quantman integrated 27 brokers right now. about integrated brokers,

- please login
- Click Dropdown button in “Login with your broker” section

12. Will Quantman assist to create a strategy? Are there any charges for creating it?
Quantman enabled multiple sources to create your strategy.

- Users can join our weekly webinars and ask your doubts regarding strategy creation with mentor. Weekend webinar notification will be sent your registered WhatsApp mobile number and also tagged in Quantman notification section.
- Users can login Quantman and select Sample strategies in Dashboard where user allowed to modify strategies by using “Copy and Edit”.
- Users can send their requirements in Quantman WhatsApp number (9043044901) by requesting support team to check whether that is feasible to create as a strategy.

Quantman will not charge any amount for supporting our users. Users are advised not to buy Quantman strategies outside from unauthorised persons. Quantman will not sell strategies to anyone.

If you have created own strategy and want to know whether it is standard, please contact our support team for suggestion.

13. Suggest a good profitable strategy in Quantman
Quantman will not suggest profitable strategies to users. Strategies performance based on market volatility.

Quantman will not provide profitable strategies directly or indirectly to user. We are providing sample strategies with different trade setup for education purpose and users are advised to review the strategy based on their risk management and capital investment and then deploy in LIVE.

14. How to contact Quantman support?
Quantman support Number: 04448130000

Callback support:

Users can WhatsApp through Chat feature in Quantman platform
Support Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM

Calls received out of office hours will be picked up on next day.

15. What are all the features Quantman offers to Option trader?
Quantman offers below features for option traders.

- Second by Second backtest feature
- Calender Spread features
- Strike price based transaction setup feature
- Option manual adjustment features
- Re-Entry/Re-Execute Adjustment features
- Move To Cost Adjustment feature
- Trailing Stop Loss
- Excellent Back test Mechanism
- Best order execution speed in Live Market

16. Where user can create readymade Directional and Non-Directional strategies in Quantman?
After login Quantman, please navigate “Option Builder” in Dashboard where users can select readymade Directional and Non-Directional strategies and create strategies by adding indicators, Enty/Exit and transaction details.

17. How Quantman users can improve knowledge on strategy creation with various conditions?
Quantman exclusively providing “Sample Strategies” page in Dashboard for practice purpose. Users can click “Copy and Edit” button and modify the sample strategies with user’s own trading setup and check the back test results.

Quantman listed many standard strategies in Sample Strategies section so that users will understand how to create complex strategies by practice

18. What kind of failure messages users will get related to Quantman login?
If Users not logging in to Quantman for the day, users will get a call by mentioning "your order has been rejected from Quantman" when your strategy condition met and Quantman trying to place orders to broker portal.

if you open your Run in Quantman portal, you can see the exact reason why the order rejected. The reason might be
- Invalid Token access/Session Expired - Insufficient fund
19. How can I avoid Invalid Token access/Session Expired issue?
It is mandatory to login Quantman everyday to run your strategies in Live broker portal.

Best practice will be Quantman login between 8:30 AM to 9 AM IST

Based on your strategies you can login to Quantman. For example, if you are executing timing-based strategies, you can login Quantman before the strategy timing. If you deployed 10:30 AM Strangle in Quantman, it is ok to login before 10:30 AM

But if you deployed indicator-based strategies, it is mandatory to login Quantman before 9:15 AM. Your indicator condition may meet once market open for the day.
20. How can I avoid Insufficient fund issue?
Please make sure that you have enough fund based on your deployed strategies.

Sometimes your strategies will fail due to insufficient fund even though you have enough fund. During that kind of situation, please check with your broker that why the order rejected.

Notes: particularly during Wednesday and Thursday, the margin will be increased for the options in broker portal due to expiry.

21. How can we calculate slippage for your own strategy in Quantman?
Quantman allows users to back test their strategies for 5+ years. Back test can be performed on Equity, Pair trading, Options & Futures.

Quantman have min by min data for past 5+ years for back test purpose. When we back test any strategy, Quantman provide you the results without slippage first. In real time market trading, we have to consider slippage for various situations

1.Brokerage fees have to be subtracted from profit
2.Slippage while placing order have to be considered from profit

Different brokers have different structure when we consider Broker fees. Please consider this is based on the broker you are using with Quantman.

When it comes to Slippage while placing order, this is going to play a major role in your profit.

22. How slippage while placing order will impact my profit?
Let’s consider if user deployed a strategy in broker portal through Quantman. When the Entry condition satisfies as per the strategy, Quantman will send signal to your broker portal. It may take few seconds to place the order in to Broker portal. Within the few seconds, the ordered price may change since the market price will change by Tick-by-Tick data. This is the first place we consider slippage. If Broker has good connectivity without any major issues, the order will be executed in broker portal as soon as the Entry signal satisfied. The order execution speed will differ for different brokers based on their technical capability which results in Slippage again.

If User experiences delay in placing orders in broker portal, that may happen due to

- Broker portal have some technical issues /delays to execute orders from Quantman
- Broker portal down

When above situations occurred, users will get delay in executing orders in respective broker portal which results slippage.

23. How to minimise slippage by using Quantman?
Choosing a right broker who has good API tech support so that the delay while placing order will be minimised.

Using Quantman custom futures (Limit Order Buffer Percentage, Stop Limit Price difference) before creating Live runs. This feature helps users effectively to minimise slippage

24.How to use Limit Order Buffer Percentage to reduce Slippage?
Users can see this option before creating Live Run. Let’s discuss this feature with some examples.

Let’s imagine you are buying call option leg with 200 premium and you don’t want to take a trade if slippage is 2%. If premium between 200 to 204 (2% slippage), you are ok to take a trade. If premium increase more than 204, then you don’t want to take a trade. Users can setup this configuration in their strategy by using Limit Order Buffer Percentage. If user gives 2% in Limit Order Buffer Percentage, then Quantman will take entry if premium between 200 to 204. If price is going beyond that premium, Quantman ignore the entry and it will wait for next entry.

Note: you have to give 1+ number of transactions per day in strategy if you want to take more than one entry on same day.

25. How to use Stop limit price Difference to reduce Slippage?
Users can see this option before creating Live Run. Let’s discuss this feature with some examples.

Let’s imagine user created strategy where buy call option premium around 200 and stoploss 30% so we expect our trade should exit when premium hits 140. In this case users can provide Stop limit price Difference as 2% to 4%. Quantman notify broker when premium comes 170 so that broker will make sure the trade exit without much slippage. Sometimes due to Market jump up / jump down the price variation will be fast, during that market conditions, this option will minimise slippage while stoploss hits.

26.How to generally calculate slippage for Quantman back tested strategies?
Buying strategy: Please consider 1% Slippage
Selling strategy: Please consider 0.5% Slippage

When we back test any strategy, Quantman provide you the results without slippage first. Please provide the slippage percentage based on above simple calculation and check the profit after slippage so that your back test results will match approximately with live run.

27. How to use Re-Entry adjustment in my strategy?
Quantman introduced many adjustments features to become profitable trader in volatile market. Let’s discuss one by one.

Stop Loss is Mandatory to use this custom adjustment in your strategy. Please set stoploss for all option legs you use in your strategy before using adjustment feature.


When we create strategy, we set up option legs based on premium or Future based strike. Let’s imagine your option leg hits stoploss and you want to re-try option leg once again with same strategy condition, we can use Re-Entry option.

When you enable Re-Entry in your strategy, it is mandatory to provide maximum number of times you want to Re-try. You can provide up to 5.

Let’s Discuss with example. We consider Bank Nifty Straddle strategy. Below is the strategy

By referring below screenshot, 43300 CE hits stoploss and trade exit around 2:20 PM. Then Quantman waits till same strike 43300 CE comes near 270 and then re-entered around 3:02 PM.

Even though you exit trade with loss due to market volatility, you can re-enter once again when same conditions met again so that there will be another chance for the profit.

28.How to use Re-Execute adjustment in my strategy?
When we create strategy, we set up option legs based on premium or Future bases strike. Let’s imagine your option leg hits stoploss due to market volatility and you want to re-try option leg without waiting, we can use Re-Execute option.

When you enable Re-Execute in your strategy, it is mandatory to provide maximum number of times you want to perform Re-Execute option. You can provide up to 5.

Let’s Discuss with example. We consider Bank Nifty Straddle strategy. Below is the strategy

By referring below screenshot, 43500PE option leg hits stoploss around 9:37AM. Quantman will place the order in the next minute open in ATM strike changed from 43500 PE to 43400 PE.

29. How to use Move to Cost adjustment in my strategy?
When we create strategy, we set up option legs based on premium or Future bases strike. Let’s imagine you deployed straddle strategy with 25% stoploss for each leg in live. If one option leg hits stoploss due to market volatility, Quantman will move stoploss of opposite leg from 25% to 0% Both Call option leg and Put Option leg is Mandatory to use this custom adjustment in your strategy. If you use only call option leg or only Put option leg, then this option will be disabled.


if CE & PE with 200 premium and Stop Loss 25% for both legs then stoploss hits when premium comes around 150.

Condition 1:
When CE option leg hits stoploss and other PE leg premium around 210 then Quantman will change PE leg stop loss from 150 to 200 that if market condition is not favourable during market time and PE leg exit trade with 200 without further loss. So, loss will be minimised as only one leg exit with stoploss.

Condition 2:
When CE option leg hits stoploss and other PE premium around 198 then Quantman will exit trade for PE that further loss will be avoided for customer.

Move To Cost feature mainly introduced to avoid maximum loss for customer. If customer want to avoid further loss if one leg hits stoploss, then he can use Move to Cost feature. So that the opposite leg may exit trade with target profit or at least exit without more loss.


Please keep it in mind if you use more than one call option legs or more than one put option legs in strategy

Condition 1: if one call option leg hits stoploss, then Quantman will move all remaining put option legs stoploss to Entry price.
Condition 2: if one put option leg hits stoploss, then Quantman will move all remaining call option legs stoploss to Entry price.

30.How to use Trailing stop loss adjustment in Quantman strategy?
Trailing stop-loss feature allows you to place stop-loss which gets adjusted automatically as per the option premium movement in a favourable direction.

Please refer the below 1st screenshots where we created straddle strategy with ATM strike and enable “Trailing Stop Loss” and then click “Add” button in individual leg.

Please refer the below 2nd screenshots where new pop-up will open to provide values for trailing stop loss based on your strategy plan and click “Submit” button. Here in example, if Premium moving 20% in profit direction, we move stoploss 10% in same direction.

Please refer the below 3rd screenshots where our trailing stoploss values are visible for each option leg.

31. Is it mandatory to provide trailing stop loss in strategy?
No, it is only an optional feature. You can use it in Quantman based on your strategy outcome.

Example scenario:

Let’s say We buy option for premium 400 and Stop loss 10% (when premium 360) Trailing stop loss condition IF PREMIUM increases 10% then stoploss also move 5% on the same direction.

if Premium moves 440 then our Stop Loss will move from 360 to 380 (400*5%=20) – In this scenario, if market falls down the trade will Exit at 380 Premium so user will be in loss of 20 instead of 40.

if Premium moves 480 then our Stop Loss will move from 380 to 400 – In this scenario, if market falls down the trade will Exit at 400 Premium so user will be in NO LOSS. If we have not used Trailing Stop loss, User may end up in loss while exit trade.

32. Difficulties using Stop Loss in Quantman Strategies:
- My strategy hitting Stop Loss as soon as it took entry in Quantman and this is happening frequently. Why this is happening?
- My strategies are hitting Stop Loss frequently in live trade but I have profitable result for back testing same strategy. Why this is happening?
- When I setup Stop Loss amount around 300 RS in my strategy, my trades hitting loss frequently. Why this is happening?
- When I setup Stop Loss amount around 300 RS in my strategy, I can see actually stoploss hits beyond amount 300 RS (like stoploss at 400RS or 450 RS like that). Why this is happening?

We often getting above questions from our Quantman users. All above questions pointing to single solution. That is Stop Loss setup management in your strategies.

If users provide stoploss amount around 300 RS (or low amount), trade will be in loss due to very low SL percentage. The Stop Loss amount will be very low if you use multiple lots on the same strategy. So, the trade will hit stoploss for small price variation in live market.

Since Live Market data will change tick by tick, the strategy may hit Stop Loss frequently due to low Stop Loss setup. But when we back test the same strategy, it may show the profitable results. The reason because the back test data will be minute by minute data. But in live, within a sec there will be a chance that data may change with different values. When we setup low stop loss amount or low stop loss percentage which may results the trade hits Stoploss.

After Quantman place the orders in broker portal, it will take few sec to place Stop loss order in to broker portal. Within the few sec, the trade will hit stoploss due to low Stop Loss amount setup in user strategy.

When Market jump down or jump up happens due to volatility, it is difficult to exit the trade with exact Stop Loss as mentioned in strategy. Even this issue will happen in broker portal if you manually took trade without Algo. But Quantman will try to exit the trade as soon as the trade hits stoploss and it will Exit the trade faster than broker so that the user will not loss so much due to Market volatility.

How to avoid this issue?

Users will be advised to setup reasonable Stop Loss amount in their strategy so that the trade will not fail every time. For example, if user set 20 % stoploss on buying option strategy, even though there is a price variation due to Live market volatility, there is still a chance that the trade will end up in profit by staying in market more time.

Example scenario:

Please refer the below screenshot for Strategy transaction details. When user setup less Stop Loss percentage, the Entry will be taken in broker portal but in Exit, we will get status only as “Signal received” and position will not be closed in broker portal.

If User come across the above scenario, please consider providing reasonable Stop Loss to avoid that issue

33. Is it possible to do option trading with one buying strategy and how much will be the investment?
Quantman users can deploy option buying strategy with investment of 20K. But Buying strategy has its own limitations technically. Users should aware of that before planning to use buying strategy alone

34.What should I know if I am only executing one buying strategy?
If you back test any option buying strategy and check the whole number of transactions during back test, we can clearly see the number of profitable trades responsible for total cumulative profit of the buying strategy.

Out of 100 trades, 96 trades will be in loss. We can see only 4 trades will be profitable out of 100 and the specific 4 profitable trades will cover all losses and generate profit as well. So the user should make sure he should not miss those 4 profitable days and it is difficult to predict trending days even though your strategy have many indicators.

So, user make sure that the buying strategy is running all market trading days.

35.How many days option buying strategy can be in loss?
In Live market, trending days will be very limited. (Let’s say 2 out 20 trading days) Most of the time market will be in sideways

When user deploying option buying strategies, user may expect to hold for more than 90 loss making trading days if required. Since it is a Trend capturing strategy, it will not be profitable for all the market days.

But Trending days will have great impact and user will be rewarded with great profit. At the same time user should be in strong mindset to handle 90+ loss making days.

36.Is it possible to be profitable more Market days in Option Trading?
Yes. It is possible when you deploy Selling strategies like Strangle where profit is limited and User may expect 14 profitable days out of 20 market days

Since user may profitable for more trading session, it gives great confidence to option traders to be scale up their investment.

But from the investment perspective, it is always advisable to create 5L portfolio minimum so that we can combine both buying and selling strategies and we can expect Less Drawdown (loss making day) and better reward throughout the time of option trading.

37. How to become a profitable Option Trader?
It is advisable to use 5 Lakh portfolio minimum to be a profitable option trader. When we combined different strategies together, the Equity curve will be smooth so that option trader can efficiently reduce Draw down period (Loss making day) and become profitable in option trading.

38. What will be the efficient way to design your Option trading portfolio more than 5Lakhs?
Out of your total investment, it is advisable to have 90% option selling strategies and 10% option buying strategies for smooth equity curve. Out of 10% option buying strategies, it will be advisable to have Buy Option CE & Buy Option PE as 2:1 ratio (out of 3 buying strategy, 2 buy CE strategy and 1 buy PE strategy)

39.What else the mistakes will result loss for option trader?
When user start trading with one lot for strategy, it’s advised to continue with same lot throughout the journey and if you want to invest more in option trading, please consider to create portfolio where selling strategy will be the major part (around 85 to 90%) for better returns instead of increasing lots in single strategy. It diversifies the risk and reduce drawdown day effectively.

40.How to calculate Margin for option buying strategy?
It is always advisable to consider the Margin for option buying strategy is twice the drawdown amount when you back test the strategy for minimum 3 years.

41.How can I evaluate my Option buying strategy?
- Strategy should have more than 1% Risk Per Trade after back test.
- After Back test, illiquidity should be less than 1% in total trades.
- After 1.5% slippage also the strategy should be in profit.
- Less number of trades should be triggered per day to avoid more loss on single day.
- Strategy should take entry for all trading days. So that the Trending days can be converted as profitable day. (if trade is not taken for any particular day, that may wind up as a 4 profitable trade out of 100 trades in option buying)
- Re-Entry, Re-Execute features will not majorly helps for profitable on option buying strategies as we are having few trending days in live market.

42. What are the real time difficulties user getting while deploying LIVE strategy?
In Quantman, once you deploy the strategy in LIVE, Quantman will place the order in broker portal if all below condition satisfied.

- Customer should have sufficient fund
- Entry condition should exactly match as per strategy
- Broker token should be in validated status
- Broker API should be working without any issues

If any of above criteria failed, Quantman will not place orders in to your broker portal.

Customer should have sufficient fund:

Client will receive automatic call from Quantman by mentioning the order have been rejected from Quantman. The notification also will be mentioned in client Quantman account. To understand why the order is rejected, user need to open the strategy in Quantman and need to check the latest transaction where it will be mentioned as “insufficient fund”

Entry condition should exactly match as per strategy:

Most of the queries from client will be like “Why my strategy is not taking Entry today?” Quantman will wait till the entry condition met as per the client strategy. If condition is not met, the Quantman dashboard will show status as “Waiting for Next Entry signal”

Some strategies will execute only specific days per week and some strategy will take a smaller number of transactions.

Most of our client issue investigation results shows that Quantman act as instructed and waiting for condition to meet. Meanwhile user mistakenly thinks that the entry condition satisfied and they will ask why entry is not taken in broker account.

Broker token should be in validated status

It is mandatory to login Quantman once before market time. Ideally between 8:30 AM to 9AM If client not login Quantman, order will not place in broker portal even though entry condition met and client will get automatic voice call stating that “Your order has been rejected by Quantman”

Broker API should be working without any issues

Sometimes Broker portal API will not respond when we try to place orders through Quantman. Most of the time this kind of issues will resolve on its own within 15 to 20 min at max. if the broker API have major issue, then Quantman will post in banner message.

43.How to manage running strategy from Quantman?
Once strategy condition satisfied, Quantman place orders in to broker portal. In Quantman login, client can see “Square off” button enabled for open positions in running strategy in Dashboard.

If client want to square off strategy, He can click Square off button in dashboard for that strategy. So that that strategy orders will be closed.

44.What will happen if client mistakenly close the open position in Broker portal?
If client close the position manually in broker portal, that will not reflect in Quantman portal, Quantman will show that still the positions are open. In this particular scenario, user need to stop the strategy in Quantman and then need to restart.

Client should not click Square off button if he manually closes positions in broker portal. If client click square off button from Quantman after manually close the positions in broker portal, Quantman will open new positions since existing positions already closed manually by client.

45. I tried buying Premium/Basic plan in Quantman and money debited from my bank but plan not added in my account. What should I do?
If payment is credited in Quantman Razorpay, plan will be added in user account immediately. user can refresh and check the details.

If payment is not credited in Quantman Razorpay and amount is debited from your bank, plan will not be added in user account. In such scenarios, we request user not to panic about the amount debited from your bank. Amount will be credited back automatically to your bank account within 7 days.

If amount is not credited even after 7 days, pleas contact support team for further clarification.
46. How can I upgrade my basic plan into Premium in Quantman?
In Quantman, User can upgrade their plan in simple steps.

After user selected the plan for upgrade, Quantman will calculate Upgraded plan and request your to do payment. New plan will be added from the day you upgraded the plan.

For example, if user have Basic Monthly plan worth of Rs.1300 and already used 15 days, Rs.650 already utilised by user and remaining Rs.650 will be balance for the basic monthly plan. When user upgraded into Premium Monthly plan worth of Rs.3300, the plan amount will be adjusted as Rs.2650 (Rs.3300 – Rs.650) and the plan will get started from the day user upgraded the plan.

Steps to Upgrade plans:

After logged in to Quantman, User can click “Upgrade plan” button on the menu bar.

Upgrade page will be displayed. Available Upgrade options will be displayed to the user.

User can select based on his preferences.

Billed Monthly

Billed Quarterly

Billed Annually

Select desirable plan and Click Upgrade

Enter Phone number

Click Pay Now button and complete Payment